Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Of skyscrapers and samurais...

So over the last month i've polished off another series of pieces.

Predator - 2012

Of course I had to kick off the new year with a nice new piece. It was my first time making a paper doll of sorts and I hope to touch down on this idea again soon. Currently there are 5 canvas ready for some new experiments. Let's see what the next few weeks herald.

Guaranty - 2012

On the chopping block was a commission that involved one of Buffalo's architectural gems, Louis Sullivan's Guranty building. Instead of doing an ordinary rendering of the building I took an alternate route that pleased both the customer and myself. Sadly I feel the matting/mounting of this piece took longer than the actual execution of the drawings...

...Then again it was a good learning experience ;)

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