Monday, February 27, 2012

from under the surface...

While tackling a few new freelance projects I was able to spawn yet another new piece. Looks are deceiving, for it is only about 6x8. On the side I've cobbled together 7 more canvases, so hopefully I'll be a tad more productive updating this little guy.

Oh, and I tried my hand at a crest for a commission. For a first try I feel it was satisfactory. Take care and see you guys soon!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Of skyscrapers and samurais...

So over the last month i've polished off another series of pieces.

Predator - 2012

Of course I had to kick off the new year with a nice new piece. It was my first time making a paper doll of sorts and I hope to touch down on this idea again soon. Currently there are 5 canvas ready for some new experiments. Let's see what the next few weeks herald.

Guaranty - 2012

On the chopping block was a commission that involved one of Buffalo's architectural gems, Louis Sullivan's Guranty building. Instead of doing an ordinary rendering of the building I took an alternate route that pleased both the customer and myself. Sadly I feel the matting/mounting of this piece took longer than the actual execution of the drawings...

...Then again it was a good learning experience ;)